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Counter-Strike Avatars CSGO rank & Crosshair

This is Private Version of Counter-Strike 2019 with features
  • Avatars in-game: support all screen resolutions
  • New Tab: support csgo points & global rank
  • ServerBrowser: Support new style Server search
  • Global Rank: CSGO Ranks for kills ( 40 levels )
  • Mp3 Player: Built-in music player
  • Radio Player: Built-in online radio player
  • Crosshair: New crosshair with many features
  • Chat: Built-in chat between users using this gamemod
  • Models: Original HD Steam Models
  • 100 FPS: Vsync Auto Disabler!
download counter-strike 1.6 2019 no-steam

Enjoy this insane rewrite of Counter-Strike. You can search servers by MOD, just click on DM, classic , jb or other button. You can set your OWN avatar thru program [use shortcut or search in game folder]. pick up from gallery or don`t choose and press Create avatar button and select own image jpg/png. You can shoot better because vertical offset in crosshair is already 4 pixels below real center. You can ask question in game chat. read console instructions. you can sort data in TAB as you want . by players, by points, by ping or kill to death ratio. Join our global ranking just by killing someone and gaining xp. use commands showtop and showglobal to see progress. Of course this mod has much more features especially for servers owners - ability to draw image in spec without slowhacking. ability to draw message with custom font! ability to set vip or admin for player automaticly if hes using this mod and so on. If you interested contact me

Download CS 1.6

List of Console Commands
  • tab_enable 0/1 - Enables ( or not ) New TAB style with avatars and ranks
  • tab_sort 3 - Sort stats by // 1 points, 2 globalrank, 3 frags, 4 killdeath, 5 ping
  • tab_sortmode 1/0 - Set sort mode [1-default, 0 -reverse - from low to max]
  • color_console 1/0 Enable Colored messages from Server in console
  • s_line 0/1 Enables line between servers in ServerBrowser
  • s_background 1/0 Enables background in ServerBrowser
  • s_background_style 1/14 Enables new backgrounds from 1 to 14
  • s_visual 1/0 Enables CS SOURCE like [with images] Server search
  • tab_background_r 10 Set background in TAB RED color value [from RGBA]
  • tab_background_g 10 Set background in TAB GREEN color value [from RGBA]
  • tab_background_b 10 Set background in TAB BLUE color value [from RGBA]
  • tab_background_a 180 Set background in TAB [Alpha transparency]
  • tab_ct_r 200 Set background for nickname in TAB
  • tab_ct_g 200 Set background for nickname in TAB
  • tab_ct_b 20 Set background for nickname in TAB]
  • tab_ct_a 125 Set transparency for nickname in TAB
  • tab_tt_r 226 Set background for nickname in TAB
  • tab_tt_g 198 Set background for nickname in TAB
  • tab_tt_b 255 Set background for nickname in TAB]
  • tab_tt_a 160 Set transparency for nickname in TAB
  • crosshair_enabled 1/0 - Set NEW CSGO crosshair ON/OFF
  • crosshair_y -4 OFFSET Y for crosshair [shots below real position]
  • crosshair_dot 1 Crosshair DOT on/off
  • crosshair_dot_size 1/2 Crosshair DOT size
  • crosshair_size 5 - length of crosshair lines
  • crosshair_t 1/0 Remove vertical Line like in csgo
  • crosshair_gap 2 experiment yourself [distance between lines]
  • printcmd 1/0 show commands from server

Changes in Counter-Strike 2019 Avatars

Completely rewritten mathematic formula to calculate avatar and name positions on all resolutions. New Tab Optimisations for Slow PC [less fps drop]. Added auto 100fps function< to disable vsync. Added mp3 player and radio player. To use mp3 player and add you OWN songs go to cstrike/mp3 folder and just put your songs there and restart CS. All new songs will be scanned and added automaticly. To switch serverbrowser into New CS source mod type

s_visual 1