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Download CS GO launcher

  • Title: CS GO Launcher
  • Genre: Action / 3d shooter
  • Release Date: 10.06.2017
  • Developer:
  • Type: Non steam
  • Language: English / Russian
  • Size: Uncompressed 4.5 mb
  • Support:
cs go launcher

Download CS GO

What is CS GO launcher

if you are using steam, leave this page. CS Go launcher is a tool for updating / downloading non-steam version of counter-strike global offensive, so it's a must-have for anyone playing non steam csgo without launcher.

Ever bored downloading gigabytes of data after each steam update? Stop this stupidness now by downloading our launcher for csgo. Put it to folder on disk with more than 15 gb of free space . Start csgo launcher .exe and press english flag to change the language. Hit "update" button and wait. We have tested that using compression not always faster than raw flushing filestream to disk, because if you have slow pc, uncompressing stream of large files (.vpk) "on the fly" lasts longer than downloading "original" file. Now we trying to optimise update algorithms to implement true multithreading. It will take some time. We suggest to download csgo torrent and use launcher for updates.

Features of cs go launcher

  • Ability to set up an Avatar [autoresize!]
  • CSGO downloader / auto updater
  • FPS Optimizer
  • Ability to set up Rank and Level
  • Ability to set Name and Clan Tag
  • Custom Servers Tab
  • Online chat
  • Crosshair generator
  • Map and wallpaper installer
  • Directx and c++ installer
  • Hardware tab. A few PRO cfg's available.