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How to Download Counter-Strike Global Offensive

  • Title: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Genre: Action / First Person Shooter
  • Release date: 2012
  • Developers: Valve Software, Hidden Path Entertainment
  • Publisher: Valve Corporation™
  • Repack by:
  • Repack type: Steam repack
  • Language: Multilingual (18 languages)
  • Game modes: Multiplayer / Single / with bots
  • Type: free for you
cs global offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (maps,weapons,etc.). Game Description: Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 14 years ago. CS: GO contains updated and revised maps, characters, guns and their improved version from CS 1.6. In addition you will see new game modes, competitive ranking system with global players statistics. It is believed that CS GO will continue to the famous Counter-Strike lineup and will allow to play it even on the consoles and the Mac platform. The brand new graphics, engine, more realistic physics, frequent updates and corrections - try it yourself, simply click download counter-strike global offensive and enjoy the wonderful gameplay.
Download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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counter-strike: Global Offensive Counter Strike Global Offensive csgo download cs go
Having established a reputation for killing anyone that gets in their way, the Phoenix Faction is one of the most feared terrorist groups in Eastern Europe. Formed shortly after the breakup of the USSR.

Middle Eastern fundamentalist group bent on world domination and various other evil deeds.

Swedish terrorist faction founded in 1977. Famous for their bombing of the Canadian embassy in 1990.

A terrorist faction founded in the Middle East, this group has a reputation for ruthlessness. Their disgust for the American lifestyle was demonstrated in their 1982 bombing of a school bus full of Rock and Roll musicians.

The Midwest Militia is a right-wing extremist movement consisting of formal and informal armed paramilitary groups. This anti-government group was founded in 1993 after the standoff in Waco, Texas.

ST-6 (to be known later as DEVGRU) was founded in 1980 under the command of Lieutenant-Commander Richard Marcincko. ST-6 was placed on permanent alert to respond to terrorist attacks against American targets worldwide.

GSG-9 was born out of the tragic events that led to the death of several Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympic games in Munich, Germany.

The world-renowned British SAS was founded in the Second World War by a man named David Stirling. Their role during WW2 involved gathering intelligence behind enemy lines and executing sabotage strikes and assassinations against key targets.

France's elite Counter-Terrorist unit, the GIGN, was designed to be a fast response force that could decisively react to any large-scale terrorist incident. Consisting of no more than 100 men, the GIGN has earned its reputation through a history of successful ops.

The primary missions of the Russian SPETSNAZ are: acquiring intelligence on major economic and military installations and either destroying them or putting them out of action, organizing sabotage and acts of subversion; carrying out punitive operations against rebels; forming and training insurgent detachments, etc.

Harming hostages results in a severe cash penalty. Try to avoid injuring them.

Enemies can hear your footsteps when you run.Hold in the Walk key (default Shift) to walk silently...

Jumping slows your movement and decreases your accuracy.

Many objects in the world can be broken, including some windows, boards, and boxes.

Working with your teammates makes you much more effective than going it alone.

To get an overview of the current state of the game, hold down the TAB key.

Your weapon is not perfect - it recoils when you fire. To fire more accurately use short bursts of gunfire, pausing a moment to allow yourself to recover.

You are more accurate when you stand still, and even more so when you crouch.

Shooting an enemy in the head is an instant kill - a 'headshot' .

To be accurate with a sniper rifle, you must stand still when you fire your shot.

Many weapons have 'secondary fire', providing zoom, silencing, or burst fire depending on the weapon. Press for secondary fire.

Ammo management is extremely important - if your clip runs out in a firefight,you are in deep trouble. Remember to reload your weapon when you have a spare moment. However, reloading at the wrong time can get you killed. Choose wisely.

The Magnum Sniper Rifle is very powerful, and can usually kill an enemy with a single shot. It's extreme zoom capability is very powerful, but firing this weapon without using the scope is nearly impossible. Just make sure no-one gets close enough to be a problem.

The Schmidt Scout is a challenging sniper rifle. It is inexpensive and does little damage - unless you are skilled enough to score a headshot...

The Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun is extremly powerful and very useful in close quarters. However, this weapon is all but useless at long range.

The Maverick M4A1 Carbine is a powerful and precise rifle. Using secondary fire to attach a silencer makes this the weapon of choice for the stealthy.

The CV-47 is as powerful as it is loud. Although it suffers from high recoil, accurate marksmen prefer it for its lethal first shot.

The Night Hawk .50C is truly a 'hand cannon'. Its powerful ammunition stops enemies in their tracks. However, its clip is very small.

The Tactical Shield is a marvel of modern engineering. If you deploy it (by pressing your secondary fire button) and crouch behind it, you are impervious to all damage coming towards your front. However, your sides and rear are vulnerable, and HE Grenades can still harm you.

A Defusal Kit dramatically decreases the amount of time it takes to defuse a bomb.

To use a grenade, equip it (default 4) and then press the Fire Button (default left mouse button). To throw it, hold in your Fire Button, aim, and release. To throw farther, tip your view upwards and run towards your target when you release the grenade.

'Flashbang' Grenades temporarily blind everyone in the area who can see them when they explode. Be careful - this includes your teammates and even yourself.

Turning your view away from a Flashbang Grenade lessens its blinding effects.

Smoke Grenades emit large clouds of dense smoke that can hide player movements. Smoke can be very useful for slipping by a sniper.

Your radio allows you to give commands to your teammates such as 'Follow me', 'Hold this position', or 'Need backup'. To send a radio command, use the Radio keys (default Z, X, and C) and select what you want to say.

The green circle in the upper left corner is your radar. It shows the positions of all of your surviving friends relative to your current position and direction you are looking. If a blip is at twelve o'clock, that friend is somewhere in front of you. Likewise, a blip at six o'clock is a friend behind you.

On your radar, a blip shaped like a 'T' represents a friend somewhere above you. An upside-down 'T' blip is a friend somewhere below you.

If a friend is talking, his blip on the radar will flash an orange color.

If you are a Counter-Terrorist, Hostages will appear on your radar as flashing blue blips.

Many bomb defusal maps have more than one bomb site...

Defusing the bomb is a sure way to win the round, regardless of how many enemies remain.

Hostage rescue maps often have more than one Hostage Rescue Point...

'Talking to' a Hostage by pressing the Use key (default E) rewards you with a cash bonus on the spot.

Killing a Hostage results in a severe cash penalty. Try to avoid injuring them.

Rescuing a Hostage rewards you with a healthy cash bonus.

Q: How to install the game and use this program
  1. Change lang to english by clicking (corresponding) flag.
  2. Just below the flag is "update" button click it and wait until finish.
  3. Press Play button

Q: I'm trying to join the server, but after a few secs it throws me back to main menu.
A: It seems that the servers version does not match your game version. We put in search only working servers, but we cannot predict changes in future updates. Usually update is available within 24 hours after it becomes accessible from steam. Also there is additional serverbrowser in launcher. And the last thing - probably the server you want to join does not support no steam clients at all.

Q: I can not launch the game at all.
A: Some times it starts from 2nd or 3rd try. But we reccomend you to update DirectX (from game folder), and Visual c+ libs HERE .
You can update directx from launcher (misc section)

Q: Skins do not work.
A: Skin support is enabled on your client, but this must be enabled on server too. Try it here - connect or connect - tested.

Q: Antivirus block files and delete them.
A: Add whole folder as exception, because we know than nod32 can delete steamclient.dll. This file IS a hack, so it's not surprising that antiviruses delete it.
Then update the game again to make sure all files are OK.

Q: Cannot update the game from launcher.
A: The server may be down, or you set too many threads. You can restart launcher and try again.

Q: Whats the difference between steam and no steam counter strike global offensive.
A: There is no difference - we have just put an emulator to the game folder, so you can play without steam.

Q: How to set an avatar.
A: Open launcher and press 'Avatar' button. Choose any SQUARE image with dimesions 64x64 or more - 100x100, 500x500 - the program will make an 64x64 avatar from any PNG / JPG picture.

Вопрос: CS go launcher asks permission to start.
Ответ: To get your system info it needs admin access.

CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750 or better.
Video: 256 mb or more with shader support.
OS: Any Windows.

Game Modes:

de_dust2 - The Counter-Terrorists have two objectives: to prevent the Terrorists from planting the C-4 at either of the two chemical weapon stashes (Bombsites A or B), or to defuse the bomb after the Terrorists plant. Buy new weapons at the beginning of each round with money earned. Settings:

  • - Friendly Fire is OFF
  • - Team Collision is OFF
  • - 50% Kill reward amounts
  • - Best out of 15 rounds.

How to install CS GO:

Start launcher & switch language by clicking the flag. Press update button and Select game folder. After end of installation process start the game. Some times you must click 2nd time to start csgo. ( if first was unsuccesful )

How to update cs go:

Turn off Antivirus. Press 'update' button and wait. You can set up how many threads to use. 2-3 is ok.

Game Version:

Updates are always available from launcher, also we update torrent every few days ( within 24 hours after steam release ).

Description of CS GO CLient:
  • Fast update to lastest version;
  • NEW - FPS optimizer - best settings for weak Pc.
  • NEW - avatar gallery and creating own support jpg / png.
  • NEW - PC info.
  • NEW - Alnternate server browser.
  • NEW - Best config creator.
  • NEW - online chat.
  • NEW - Crosshair generator and popular crosshairs
  • Working server search. Mail us to add servers you want.
  • Ability to set up name, clan tag and language.
  • Ability to set up any level / rank.
  • ALL music packs available!!! Skin support!
  • Fully original sounds , models, maps, etc.
  • Always lastest and working version from steam.
launcher cs:go